About Us

In September 1996, A company was formed to bring sophistication in normal humdrum activity of a day-to-day Freight Forwarding function. 1logistic is an effort of one bright, young entrepreneur who had the vision to plan a complete Freight Forwarding Solution by imagining a synergy in various segments & independent functions of a Freight Forwarding Organization.

CTN ( Certified Transport Network) has appointed 1logistic. As its Member in India. CTN has a verification process which investigates the Agent for its ethics, financial integrity and high trade reputation amount shippers and consignees worldwide.

Mr. Rohit Sharma M.D 1logistic is very excited by the Technology Integration in pipeline and feels this gives the Exporters & Importers a platform for Quality Services and a chance to use Sophisticated Services at optimum rate. CTN is a technologically savvy network with great emphasize on fine tuning the information and tracking network so as to provide complete solution to all the trade needs.

1logistic has registered itself as Multimodal Transport Operator with Directorate of Shipping a wing of Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of India. 1logistic is hereby authorized by the Govt. of India to issue its own Bill of lading. 1logistic is also member of all trade affiliated bodies and acive in perusing reforms and modifications to facilitate easier & smoother function of the trade as such benefiting all Exporters Customs & Freight Forwarding Agents and their counterpart and the receiving countries along with Consignee and Exporter of the other countries practicing trade with India.